I started this blog soon after commencing my PhD at the University of Queensland in September 2014, mostly to provide a space in which to flesh out my ideas and write in a format that is less stultifying than academic prose. Occasionally I also wrote things here that were not related to my thesis.

I’ve now finished my PhD, have moved to Melbourne, and found a job at RMIT University as a post-doctoral researcher on the Future Fuels CRC. Foolishly, I still make time for side-projects, which at least give me something to write about on this blog. Hopefully I’ll also find time in the near future to produce some articles and blog posts from my thesis, which if you are so inclined, you can read here.

This is actually my second blog. My first one is called There once was a creek, and it explores the environmental history of the neighbourhood in which I used to live. Among other things, that site features some novel visualisations of historical environmental features, which I created by manipulating old maps and importing them into Google Earth. It is very neglected nowadays, but I live in hope that it will have a second life at some point!

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  1. Productive procrastination creates happy serendipities and fascinating byways. I just never quite got yo the productive bit!

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