I started this blog soon after commencing my PhD at the University of Queensland in September 2014, mostly to provide a space in which to flesh out my ideas and write in a format that is less stultifying than academic prose. Occasionally I also wrote things here that were not related to my thesis.

As of early 2019, I’ve submitted by thesis and still awaiting the outcome. In the meantime, I am trying to repurpose this blog as a forum for sharing my outputs and experiences as an early-career researcher (ugh, I hate that term) in the digital humanities and social sciences. Also, I’ve just moved to Melbourne.

This is actually my second blog. My first one is called There once was a creek, and it explores the environmental history of the neighbourhood in which I used to live. Among other things, that site features some novel visualisations of historical environmental features, which I created by manipulating old maps and importing them into Google Earth. It is very neglected nowadays, but I live in hope that it will have a second life at some point!

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  1. Productive procrastination creates happy serendipities and fascinating byways. I just never quite got yo the productive bit!

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