Cluster Details
Cluster 1
(85 submissions)
Top words: university, campuses, support the extension, campus, extension, staff, stop, access, visitor, regards, initiative, improve, students and staff
Top locations: Parkville, Swanston Street, Melbomne, Carlton, Elgin Street, St Kilda Road, Southbank
Top subs: University_of_Melbourne, RUSU_and_UMSU, Anne_Nuguid, Jo_Briscoe, Matt_Absalom
Top sentences:

I wish to support the extension of the Free Tram Zone to the University 's Parkville and Southbank campuses, as both a student and paii-time staff member of the university this would improve my quality of life . (Deirdre_Brennan)

This should improve access to the nearby hospitals for visitors and patients, as well as access to the university for students, staff and visitors to the university . (Anne_Nuguid)

To Whom It May Concern, The extension of the free tram zone to encompass university campuses in South Bank and Parkville will reflect favourably on legislative parties as well as those directly affected by the change . (Greta_Lukavic)

Cluster 2
(72 submissions)
Top words: university, uni, please, student, time, pay, graduate, lot, money, stop, extend the free, night, concession, cost, extend, study, hub, help, expand the free, fees
Top locations: Melbourne Uni, Carlton, Parkville, Swanston Street, Elgin Street, St Kilda Road, Sydney
Top subs: Margaret_Potts, FFPTV, Easton_Dang, Deb_Cady, Callum_Simpson
Top sentences:

Free Tram Zone should be extended until University of Melbourne area for student convenience and safety as it is now unsafe to travel at night on the street alone especially around university . (Chieng_Jin_Lo)

Finally, as Melbomne university is the top 1 uni in Australia, so many visitors admii e this uni and would like to have a tom there . (Easton_Dang)

As someone who completed a Master 's, and is looking to return to university, it would be beneficial to extend the free tram zone to the universities during the semester, exam and graduation time . (Venus_Manipis)

Cluster 3
(50 submissions)
Top words: cost, fare, service, seniors, public transport system, increase, bus, using, rise, extension, inner city, additional, patronage, recommendation, justify, costed
Top locations: North Melbourne, Abbotsford Street, Powlett Street, Flemington Road, Elgin Street
Top subs: PTUA, VTAG, Yarra_Trams, T4E, Cancer_Council_Victoria
Top sentences:

Zone 1 ) city worker gets charged $ 10 each time total daily cost $ 20. a user travelling solely outside Zone 1 gets charged $ 6 each time total daily cost $ 12 . (Ian_Smith)

A complex fare system will increase the mental cost of using public transport and reduce the likelihood of its use . (PTUA)

It would help decrease student costs and increase use to fmther justify additional trams be in service creating jobs . (Cameron_McKnight)

Cluster 4
(43 submissions)
Top words: stop, extended, myki, patients, access, wonderful, tourists, shrine, precinct, melbomne, art, hospital, major, hospitals, sports, queen, card, visitor, arts centre
Top locations: Royal Women's Hospital, Parkville, Royal Children's Hospital, Swanston Street
Top subs: Romas_Vladimirovas, Lingli_Li, Frank_Delorenzo, Georgina_Binns, Jonathon_Le_Mesurier
Top sentences:

For those who have loved ones in one of Melbomne 's major hospitals for an extended period of time it would be helpful to assist them in visiting those loved ones if the free tram zone were extended . (Michelle_Green)

Not to mention giving tourists the option to travel to wonderful areas on Southbank, like the art Centre and shrine for free . (Jem_Rankin)

The free zone should be extended by one stop to reflect the full extent of the Arts Precinct and allow ease of access to this booming area . (Dr_Annabelle_Murphy)

Cluster 5
(40 submissions)
Top words: journey, board, packed, stop, time, pay, drive, tourists, walk, disabled, fare, cunent, system, slowed, scrapped, public, overcrowded, catch, extended, track
Top locations: Victoria Market, Elizabeth Street, Latrobe St, Melbourne Central, Sydney, London
Top subs: Jennifer_Williams, Dr_Jeremy_Lawrence, David_Nash, Sonia_Bryfman, Adam_Ford
Top sentences:

The overcrowded that it has caused has resulted in actual passengers requiring the service for longer journeys than the cbd, been unable to board or are significantly delayed trying to wait for a tram that does have space . (Lynne_Roche)

The current myki system is unfair when it rounds up the current time : eg someone who boards at 11.59am is granted a 2 hour fare until 13.59 . (Sonia_Bryfman)

Moreover, trams in the city are significantly slowed down by people requii ing to " touch on " their mykis to continue their journey 3 stops outside the free tram zone . (Megan_Kent)

Cluster 6
(22 submissions)
Top words: stop, money, walk, spending, service, extra, market, students and staff, central, distance, saved, paying passengers, uni, spend, university, fare, daily
Top locations: Melbourne Central, Metro Tunnel, Victoria Market, North Melbourne, Flinders Street
Top subs: Jonathon_Duan, David_Milevski, Michael_Lewin, Shirley_Hu, Reziah_Taylor
Top sentences:

I would like to see these first stops included by merely interpreting the zone cutoffs to be based on the tram stop in which the tram is boarded, this allowing to travel one stop extra . (Michael_Lewin)

Another stop would be at RMIT, which is only a few hundred metres from the Melbourne Central stop yet is considered to be outside zone due to falling out of the CBD rectangle . (David_Milevski)

It causes overcrowding on already stressed services, and encourages people to jump on a tram for one stop when they would otherwise walk . (Alexandra_Almond)

Cluster 7
(20 submissions)
Top words: help, public, enabling, responsible, safely, reduce, pollution, potentially, increase, road, citizens, access, congestion, subsidised, traffic, habits
Top locations: Parkville, East Melbourne, Royal Children 's Hospital, Carlton, Wellington Parade
Top subs: Transport_Matters_Party, Eleni_Krikeli, Gary_Fintelman, Philip_Arandjelovic, Andrew_Harris
Top sentences:

An effective and efficient public transport network wi ll reduce traffic congestion and help to lessen our carbon footprint by reducing the number of cars on our roads . (Transport_Matters_Party)

There is a su-iking difference in morning traffic between school days and te1m breaks, and providing students better access to public ti ansit would encourage more students onto ti ansit and reduce the morning rnsh hour . (Christian_Reichardt)

Instead of dynamic pricing ( increases ) to reduce demand, increase capacity instead and revenue would increase while reducing cai traffic and freeing up road space for those that need to travel by road and have no choice . (Gary_Fintelman)